K. Simmons

Kimberly Simmons, Director
Kimberly Simmons has been a dedicated educator for over eighteen years. She has served as both a general and special education teacher.  She is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Georgia Southern University, where she received her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and her Specialist Degree in Teaching and Learning.  Ms. Simmons is formerly a Professional Learning Program Specialist at the Georgia Department of Education for the Special Education Services and Support division.  Some of her specialty areas include: facilitative leadership, implementation of job-embedded professional learning, coaching, building and sustaining effective co-teaching teams.  Ms. Simmons believes in the importance of creating classroom environments wherein student differences are celebrated and supported so that all students have the best opportunity to learn.

Beverly Maxwell, Program Specialist
Beverly Maxwell has spent the past ten years working in the area of special education.  She enjoyed years of service in DeKalb County Schools and Atlanta Public Schools and had varied experiences in self-contained, resource, and inclusion settings.  Mrs. Maxwell has always been passionate about urban education and advocating for all students to  receive quality instruction.  Her current interests include brain development, social justice, and providing relevant support to teachers.

Kimberly Gregory, Program Specialist

Teaching diverse learners requires adults to provide access to equitable resources and materials that will enable optimal opportunities for learning. Over twenty plus years, I have dedicated my career to providing specialized instruction to meet the needs of varied learners. My experiences have spanned across three states, but they have unified me in the belief that all children will learn when their needs are met.

My leadership experience in program initiatives for elementary and secondary schools will prove to be an asset in this position. I have worked closely with educators and administrators to develop behavioral programs that will allow for students receiving services under the Student Support Team and the In-School Team to optimize their learning environment. My experience in identifying individual student needs and a strong focus on instructional strategies, have made my students and adult learners successful during classroom instruction, achievement assessments, and daily care of  diverse learners.

Raylicia Davis
Administrative Assistant/Social Networking Coordinator