The Roberta White Model Classroom


Metro West GLRS proudly invites you to visit the Roberta Oster-White Model Classroom.


What is the Model Classroom?  What was the process?

Kimberly Thorpe, Metro West GLRS Program Specialist, led an innovative team of five teachers in creating a model classroom, based on the principles of Universal Design for Learning.

Kristin Bryson, Teri Dumas-Martin, Myya Dixon, Jeanette Norwood and Tara Sealy along with Metro West GLRS consultant Juanita Pritchard, dedicated long summer hours to design and implement our Model Classroom masterpiece. The classroom evokes creativity and provides an example of a safe place for every student to learn.

Who is Roberta Oster-White?  

For 14 years, Mrs. Oster-White served as a consultant for Metro RESA and Metro West GLRS.   Mrs. Oster-White spent 30 years prior to that in education as a teacher and a speech therapist.  It is because of her dedication to students, teachers and administrators that the Metro West GLRS staff chose to dedicate the room in her honor.

What’s happening now?

Currently the classroom is used for coaching sessions, professional learning, and as a meeting space.

What’s next?

As part of our interactive model classroom, videos will be featured that demonstrate best practices which can be used by teachers, administrators, and coaches.

How Can the Classroom be Used?

Are you a teacher?  An administrator?  A parent?  The classroom is available for use as a professional learning space and coaching tool.

Do you need ideas for your district?  Come out and see the new innovative design of our furniture.

Do you need a meeting space in a new environment?  Please call our office and make an appointment.

The room is available for use between 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.  Please contact Raylicia Davis at for an appointment.

We hope to see you soon!