What is ASPIRE?

Georgia’s ASPIRE, Active Student Participation Inspires Real Engagement, initiative works with local school systems to increase self-determination and self-advocacy skills of students with disabilities so that they have the information and skills needed to make informed decisions about their educational programs and to plan for their transition to post-secondary education, career, and independent living.  The ASPIRE program is designed to be used in elementary, middle and high school.

ASPIRE is a student-led IEP initiative that is based on research that has shown that when students lead their own IEP meetings, they become knowledgeable about their disabilities, can discuss their specific strengths and challenges, and identify and advocate for specific supports that they need to be successful in school, at home, and in the community. Students also develop increased self-confidence and self-advocacy skills which are essential in preparing them for the educational, career, and independent living decisions that they will need to make in adulthood.

Current participating districts:

Atlanta Public Schools, Marietta City Schools, Clayton and Fulton County Schools and Georgia Network of Educational and Therapeutic Supports (GNETS)